“You're expensive as shit, but worth every last penny.”
- Jonathan, Groom

“My kids had so much fun, they want to know when you can come back and play again.”
- Colleen, Mom

“I'm blown away by your professionalism, kindness and quality of work.”
- Rich, Dad

“You are the only people that can handle my boys.”
- Claudia, Mom

“I wouldn't trust anyone else.”
- Mark, Dad

“It felt like we were hanging out with friends who happen to be amazing photographers!”
- Michelle, Bride

“You captured our attention with humor and intelligence.”
- Dallas Professional Photographer Association

“I told my parents I would give up 2 birthdays just to have you photograph me.”
- Juliet, High School Senior

“You took the time to learn about us and what we wanted. You're AWESOME!”
- Jess, Bride

“It feels like Christmas every time I pick up an order.”
- Kellie, Mom

01. Wedding Photography

Scott works intimate weddings with a second photographer and elaborate ones with a third. Family is our priority; the ones you choose, the ones you inherit and the ones you lose too soon. That's why we literally focus our cameras on the overwhelming joy your marriage brings you and the people you love. We want your images to stand the test of time, inspiring awe, laughter and tears for generations to come.

Commissions start at $8,000

02. Portrait Photography

We refuse to work within the confines of a traditional photo studio. Our favorite locations are the ones you choose and our favorite clients are the ones who feed us. There's no limit to the crazy things we'll say or do to put you at ease and there's no better smile than a genuine one. To us, you're family and, when all the planning, measuring, framing, delivering and hanging is done, families hug.  

Commissions start at $349

03. Design

We want you to enjoy and share your images. Then, we want your family and friends to get jealous and hire us. That's why we include Megan's design services with every portrait session. We show you her ideas for wall galleries, albums and greeting cards and you take it from there. All designs are a one-of-a-kind, magical fusion of your good looks, our twisted humor and a clean, bold style.



Scott & Kelly

Owners & Photographers

Scott and I met through a fortune cookie and started Olive Juice Studios shortly after we married in 2001. An art teacher by trade, Scott began his professional photography career when I demanded he get a new hobby or start charging money for his work. Scott chose the latter and gave me a camera so I could start shooting my own "so-effed-up-they're-revolutionary" photos. Like Johnny Cash and June Carter, Scott's got talent, I've got brains and we've both got an all-black wardrobe. Our favorite vacations include hunting Bigfoot and exploring Dollywood with our son, Louis.


Photographer & Graphic Designer

Megan grew up on an Illinois farm and married a big city doctor. Mayo Clinic brought them to Rochester and we couldn't be luckier. Megan is the only person who can decipher my stick drawings and, more importantly, Megan is the only person we trust to bring our images to life. She's got the pizzazz and class all great designers share and, to her son and daughter's delight, a whole lot of Martha Stewart the rest of us know nothing about.

Olive Juice Studios

Former Logo

We named our business "Olive Juice" for two reasons. First, our last name is Schoeberl (sounds like showgirl with a "b"). If we named the business after ourselves, no one would ever find our website. Second, we wanted a name that meant something. What does Olive Juice mean? When you mouth the words, it looks like you're saying "I love you" and that's what we do. We take "I love you" pictures.

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