Colleen & Farris


Colleen and Farris' daughter invited Scott to her birthday party and asked Jessica to be in pictures with her.  Their son wears bowties and fancy socks (like his dad) when he visits. They either really like us or are just faking it so they can access our secret stash of suckers. Either way, we eat it up and look forward to every single moment with them.


This was their daughter's 2nd photo shoot with us. Her first took place when we still operated our business out of our home.

 -  -  -

The family followed us to our retail location and have been with us ever since.

 -  -  -  -  -  -

Colleen and Farris tried to hire us (pre-kids) for their wedding but we were booked.

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Maybe we'll be around long enough to photograph their kids' weddings?

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