Colleen & Kurt

James J. Hill Library

We knew a blizzard was coming and there was no way we could be late for Colleen and Kurt's wedding.  So, we left Rochester for the Twin Cities a day early and stayed with family.  The next morning, highways were closed but we made the dangerous trek to Saint Paul Hotel anyway.  As we sat in the hotel lobby, calming our nerves and waiting to photograph Colleen in her room, we watched as one bride after another had a meltdown--the brides' vendors weren't showing up and their out-of-town guests couldn't get to their wedding venues because taxis and snow plows had stopped running.  Luckily, Colleen and Kurt's venue, James J. Hill Library, was walking distance from the hotel.  Even luckier, everyone showed up for their wedding, including a Chicago-based band and a lost officiant.  All the while, 17 inches of snow fell and double-digit wind chills plummeted below zero.

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Colleen and Kurt met 12 years ago in medical school. She's a fertility doctor and he's an emergency room doctor.

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Colleen gave birth to Ben, their baby boy, 8 weeks before the wedding.

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When Scott asks guys to do something silly, they say no. When Jess asks them to do it, they're all in (literally).

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"At least 500 people have said they absolutely love the pictures and have never seen anything like it." - Colleen, Bride

Photographer: Olive Juice Studios
Ceremony & Reception: James J. Hill Library
Dress: Wedding Shoppe
Fur Wrap: Macys
Floral: MBZ Design Studio
Cake: Gateaux
Catering: Deco Catering
Other: Traveling Photo Booth



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