Elizabeth & Mike

Family Home

Elizabeth and Mike's wedding was quite possibly the most hot and sweaty wedding we've ever photographed.  The air was so heavy with heat and moisture, guests stood outside the tent hoping to catch a breeze.  Elizabeth and Mike didn't seem to care or notice, though.  They were just happy to be married and on the same continent (Mike was already living and working in Hong Kong).


"What a wonderful team." Mike, Groom

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"Wow--these are the most amazing photos of a wedding we have ever seen. You so wonderfully captured the elegant but playful spirit." Mike, Groom

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"Not sure what to say except THANK YOU. I might send you a bill for the repair of my computer, though. Drooling doesn't help electronics very much..." Mike, Groom

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Venue: Bride's childhood home
Planner: Mi Mi Design
Hair/Makeup: Jen Santoro Rotty
Catering: Deco Catering
Flowers: Wisteria Design
Cake: Gateaux
Rental: Apres Party & Tent
Band: Douglas Little Quartet
DJ: Instant Request

Tags: Wedding Photography

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