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COVID-19 Prevention

Scott and I are ready to photograph your professional headshots and senior photos in our open-air studio (a.k.a. detached garage).  The open-air studio is divided into 2 safety zones so we can keep our social distance and prevent exposure or infection by COVID-19.  Your zone is the right side of the garage.  It has a clothes rack, backdrop, santizing station, mirror and posing aids.  Our zone is the left side of the garage.  It has Scott with his camera and Kelly with her computer.  Studio lights and yellow sawhorses separate the zones and remind us to keep our distance.  The garage door stays wide open for ventilation.  

In addition to physical distancing, we are also implementing these changes:

- Number of people at photo shoot is limited to four (Scott, Kelly, You + 1 Guest).
- Face masks are worn by everyone except you when you are being photographed.
- Hand sanitzer is used by everyone upon arrival and departure.
- Your guest shares your safety zone and moves/touches your hair, clothing and posing aids as needed.
- Surfaces and equipment are disinfected between appointments.
- Ordering sessions are conducted via a live meeting on Zoom.

These will stay the same:

- Payments, contracts and waivers are handled electronically.
- Digital photos and permissions are delivered electronically.
- On location, outdoor photo shoots are an alternative.

All in all, we just want you to know we're taking the pandemic seriously and putting everyone's health, including ours, first.  We believe in celebrating loving families, not killing them.  We also want to assure you that we're still sweating our butts off to get you the same amazing photos you see on our website.  We're just having to do some things old school like 2001 when we started our business in our home.  



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