Jess & Mike

Varsity Theater

Jessica, one of our star photographers, married her college sweetheart, Mike, at Loring Pasta Bar in Minneapolis.  Our son (her God child) walked down the aisle without his pacifier and Megan, nearly 8 months pregnant, thoroughly enjoyed the reception at Varsity Theater because she could eat as much cake as “the baby” wanted.


“I’ve never been so nervous about photographing someone’s wedding. You’re going to be the death of me.” - Scott, Photographer

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"Please pass along my heartfelt gratitude to Scott and Kelly. I can feel their love for you coming right through the lens!" - Joan, Mother of Bride

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Ceremony: Loring Pasta Bar
Reception: Varsity Theater
Caterer: Loring Pasta Bar
Flowers: Pazzobello
Cake: Bride's Aunt
Dress: Mestad's
Music: iPod

Magazine Features: Twin Cities Statement, Twin Cities Luxury + Fashion

Tags: Wedding Photography, Press

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