Lindsey & Declan

Family Home

Lindsey wanted her wedding to be memorable for her guests—especially the ones traveling from Ireland.  Her father wanted her to have a memorable wedding too, but he drew the line at fireworks.  He had a better idea.  He and his friends dressed up like chickens and ran around with sparklers at the end of the night.  It wasn’t what Lindsey imagined but we’ll never forget it!


Declan didn't want his picture taken. We took it anyway. At the end of the night he apologized for being so difficult and said we were "really great." Scott, Photographer

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Venue: Family Home
Planner: Weddings by Nancy
Dress: Saks Fifth Avenue
Caterer: Waterfront Restaurant & Tavern
Flowers: Monet
Cake: Wedding Cakes Plus by Margaret Ann
Ice Sculptor: Black River Ice
Rental: Midway Party, Cort

Magazine Feature: Wisconsin Bride

Tags: Wedding Photography, Press

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