Porch & Cellar

Proper Fried Chicken

Scott's dad gave him 3 chickens for his birthday last year.  I suggested he name them Finger, Lickin' and Good (old tagline for Kentucky Fried Chicken).  He didn't think I was very funny.  He spent months caring for his chickens.  Louis named them Strawberry, Licorice and Oreo (based on their feather colors).  Scott couldn't wait for his hens to start laying eggs.  He even added crushed shells to their organic food so their eggs would be extra amazing.  Then, one morning, Scott heard strange noises coming from their coop.  The chickens were COCK-A-DOODLE-DOING?!  They were boys?!  Hahahaha!  Porch and Cellar just fries their chickens right away.  They even give you honey butter and lemon to squeeze on top.  It feels so wrong and tastes so right.

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Photographed for Experience Rochester Magazine

Tags: Headshot Photography on Location, Press

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